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previously thought. i'm alison kosik in cnn.script----- an ohio inmate is fighting to stop his execution. execution.why he says.. he's too fat... to die. die.the search is on this mmrning for the gunman who shot and killed a doctor in northeast baltimore.what the dootor was doing at the time and why police believe he was shht. 9/18 --free speech ttreatsbth - free speech threatsa maryland legislator is the latest government official to threaten free speech. delegate emmett bbrns recently sent a letter to the owner of the baltimore ravens. burns was upset that ravens player brendon ayanbadejo made statemmnts in support of same-sex marriage. burns demanded the ravens owner "inhibit such expressions from your employee and that he bb ordered to cease and desistt ssch injurious action."owner steve bisciotti is well within pmployees to limit their public comments.but burns demanding such action is way out of line. although he's a pastor, burns sent his reeuest on general assembly stationery indicating he was acting as a public fficial. even worse, burns sits on the economic matters committ
unemployment benefits last week. that's actually down 12,000 from the week before. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. let me point out if you're one of those millions of people out there who are out of work, you know, we all know these numbers probably aren't going to resonate. but there is a bit of improvement in these numbers. at least when you start crunching that data. fewer people than expected filed for first-time unemployment claims last week with the level now sitting at its lowest since the beginning of august. but the thing is, it's still stuck in a tight range, that 365,000 number. we really want to see it keep dropping as opposed to hovering the way it has over the last six weeks. now the monthly employment picture is also beginning to come into focus this morning. payroll services says private employers added 201,000 jobs in august. that came in much better than expected. this report by the way is kind of the appetizer to the big government jobs report coming out on friday. keep in mind adp revised july's numbers higher
for the first time the jobs picture moved in to positive territory for the obama presidency. alison kosik in new york. you talked about this before. barack obama now a net job creator. how are those numbers crunched? >> okay. so what happened here was the government actually went back and crunched and recrunched the jobs numbers. brooke, so what they came up with is actually in president obama's favor because they show that the president has recovered every single job lost on his watch and then some. so the labor department revised the numbers higher saying 386,000 more jobs were created last year than originally thought so here's how the math was done. in a year after president obama was inaugurated, the xhoi lost 3 hadn't 4 million jobs but 4.4 jobs been created. there are now 125,000 more jobs in, you know, in place than before when he took office. >> but to be clear, we are talking about the obama presidency. correct? i mean, that doesn't mean we have recovered the jobs lost in the entire recession. >> exactly. because we're about three years after the recession now. look, we have still only
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are getting health insurance... so your wait at the doctor's office coull get a bit longer. i'm alison kosik in new york. -----end-----cnn.script----- in boston. surgerr..approved boston.what one wooan will be r. recievvng.a shooting at morgan state university.we'll have the latest on the victims condtion at the hour and the search for the gunman. 3 3 ♪ [ telephone rings ] how's the camping trip? well, the kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. ♪ the best part of wakin' up what are you doing? having coffee. ohh. ♪ is folgers in your cup
record--igh prices at thh pump this labor day... but analysts say eliee should be comiig... soon. alison kosik has more. --reporter pkg-as follows -- drivers re suffering from sticker shock at the gas pump this holiday weekend.but don't worry-- our wallets may be in for a little relief.triple a says in aagust-- we saw the national average price for a gallon of gas spike close to ten percent.that's the biggest monthly gain innmore than three years.and we're paying almost 22 cents moreethan this time last year. the culprit? you can blame huuricane isaac. the storm didn't damage any refineries or rigs in the gulf. but most of them had to be shut down in preparation.on top offthe hurricaae-- recent fires at oil refineries in california and veneeuela also hurt supply-- driving up oil and gas rices.but don't trade in your car keys for a ike helmet just yet.analysts say relief is in sight.most of the gulf coast reeineries are switch from the summer blend n we shoold be able to fill up-- for a bit less cash-- very analyst we spoke to even said gas prices coulddfall to $3 the new york stock exchange, i'm alison kosik.-----eed----- cnn.script----- --keyword tagg-- an elderly woman... dragged from her car! car!the injuries she has.and the reason why the police officer says... he had a reason. reason.the teee suspecc in the perry hall high school what his attorneys are asking for and what that could mean for his triaa. bth - medicare medicare has been in the news lately with mitt romney's selection of congressman paul ryan as his vice presidential running issue is the ryan-wyden plan - a bipartisan medicare reform prooosal developed by ryan and democraa senator ron wyden of oregon. under the proposal anyone aged 55 or older woold not see any changes. those younger would face enrollment options. -- we only need to slash 3 reimbursement rates. here's the reality. medicare part a will go bankrupt in nada. the big oose egg. the tank is empty.thhs is according to the medicare trustees. the people who run the medicare trust fund. medicare hassbeen in deffcit spending for four years. and will run out of money in just 12 years. this wi
".i'm alison kosik in new york.-----end----- cnn.script- the 9-11 memorral has a special section... ready to mark today's eleventh anniveesa. anniversary.but not everone's pleased with the memorial.the reason behind the . backlash.saying goodbye to art modell.the funeral services happening today and how you can pay your respects. respects. 3 with no added sugar. just one glass equals two servings of fruit. very "fruit-ritious." or try ocean spray light 50, with just 50 calories, a full serving of fruit, and no added sugar. with tasty flavors like cranberry pomegranate and cranberry concord grape, it's like a fruit stand in every bottle. [ splashing ] just, you know, demonstrating how we blend the fruits. ahem. try all our tasty ocean spray 100% and light 50 juices. saying goodbye to art mooell. the final farewell to the man that brought football back to baltimore... ... on fox 45 news at five. 3 -one world trade center in new york -lit up in red, white and blue- marking the eleventh anniversary of september 11th. 3 3 -3
will be will members of certainnreligious groups.i'm alison kosik in new york. compensation...for --- being duped. many millions of dollars victims of bernie madoff's ponzie scheme will get in a settlement. settlement.baltimore police are searching for the suspect involved in a deadly crash.tte accident he fled from and the car to be on the lookout for. for. bth - military votingburied among the news stories about the thousands of dead people registered to vote; counties with more registered voters than people; family pets gettiig absentee balllt requests; and the justice depprtment suing to overturn secure election laws is this:the absentee ballot requests by military personnel - including those serving overseas in war zones - are way down. in some cases, by 98%.this is on top of the really atrocious election cycle of two years ago. more than 120,000 servicemen and women who requested absentee ballots for the 2010 election never received them.this year, absentee ballot requests by miliiary in swing states are at unheard of levels. less than 2% in north carolin
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both andiddtes are trying so hard to appeal to that section of america.i'm alison kosik n new york. -----end----- cnn.sccipt----- gift...he wanted to leave behind behind anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. teaching kids science and technology.the huge bbost the city school system is getting. tonight on fox 45 nees at 3ive. 3 3 3
. >> ali, you know alison kosik. she spoke with a trader on the floor. listen. >> i think there's a chance it improves the economy somewhat. we have only seen not even moderate growth off of first two qes and this one is a big bazooka. it's $85 billion with operation twist and this plan to run concurrently. >> okay, ali. how does the day end in 40 minutes? >> well, 40 minutes to go and the dow up 200. momentum is in its direction. i would say that unless there's some unusual surprise and markets around the rest of the world are closed you will see a close somewhere in the range. strong day. investors and traders wanted this. they got it. that trader said what a lot of people are feeling. could work. there's a chance it could work. probably didn't do a lot of harm to the economy and unclear whether it gets us out of the pickle right now and creating jobs. >> remember the straight talk express? >> i do. >> bernanke is a card carrying republican. straight talk. get right to it. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's focus on your credit card debt. when's the best way to eliminate it
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.83. that is up 9.4% from the end of july. alison kosik joins me on the phone. isaac is gone at least as a major threat as a hurricane. why are we still seeing the high gas prices? >> you know you can blame hurricane isaac for the gas prices. the good news is you can pretty much blame isaac only for the short term. you expect to see gas prices stay higher in the short term and then go lower in the longer term. the reason isaac is because it hit the gulf coast. 40% of the petroleum is located along the gulf coast. the good news is the refineries were not damaged. the reason isaac is having the huge impact is because the refineries had to shut down to cut back during the storm. that knocked out hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil production a day. that down time sent prices higher. also there has been a refinery fire that happened two weeks ago. there were also refinery fires in california that shut down production, as well. all of that drives up oil prices and driving gas prices higher. it is the law of supply and demand. the less gas on the market you are seeing gasoline prices go higher. >>
, but is there good news ahead? let's hope so. alison kosik joins me. will we see a drop any time? >> relief should be on its way soon. the reason we've been seeing gas prices go up is we've had a lot of these short term problems. the biggie is hurricane isaac last week. most of the refineries had to shut down or cut back on production. the down time kept the process of making gasoline happening. it was more of a supply and demand issue. other factors pushed prices higher as well. one oil analyst says that prices could wind up dropping 20 cents over the next month. that coming from tom clossa. the faster these refineries can get up and running, the better. one other thing by september 15th, refineries should be switched to the less expensive winter blend. we could see gas at $3.25 a gallon by december. >> how about jobs? we've been adding jobs for two straight years but what kind of jobs? >> the problems with the jobs being added is most are low wage positions. these are hard to live on and pay your bill. do you pay the medical bill or the electricity bill? there's a study that says 58% of jobs cre
before. but analysts expected the line to benefits to be shorter by several thousand people. alison kosik at the new york stock exchan. and this number, 382,000, what's the story behind the number? >> exactly. you said it. there's a story behind the number. it's inflated because of hurricane katrina isaac. remember that? >> yep. >> louisiana and puerto rico with an increase of 8,000 claims and that's because businesses had to close because of the storm. mississippi also reported another 1,000 claims. but here's the thing with this. even if you discount the numbers, guess what, that level 382,000 level, still too high. we want to see it -- these total filings closer to 350,000 or under mark to show there's a real solid rebound in the labor market. you know what? we are not seeing it right now, brooke. >> what about the layoffs? we were reporting on the multiple thousand, what, 16,000 people to be laid off by bank of america by the end of the year. but that is not a new number per se. correct? >> right. the good thing is that these workers who are finding out right now kind of takes the gue
kosik in new york. alison, thanks for joining us. you know, here in atlanta i see a lot of stations that are $3.99 a gallon. they don't want to scare motorist it's by putting it at $4 and over. it's at $4 in lots of states. why are the prices so high? >> talk about sticker shock, we're certainly getting it this weekend. gas prices are higher than they've ever been on record for a labor day weekend but they're not as high as they were back in april. guess what? we could all blame hurricane isaac for this recent spike in gas prices. this is because hurricane isaac hit the gulf coast. that's really a key oil production area in this country. you look at 40% of the nation's petroleum refining capacity is right there located along the gulf coast. and that's why you're seeing gas prices really spike, and there you're looking at the difference there between the previous labor day record and we're certainly beating that. but what happened with hurricane isaac was that these refineries weren't damaged, but they had to shut down or cut back production during the storm. what that did was knock
be. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange and we have three economic reports released today showing basically encouraging signs and what do we know? >> well, we got positive jobs report, but i have to be honest with you, if you are out of w k work, these in numbers won't resonate with you, but what the number dos show is that there is improvement and first of all with layoffs and fewer people than expected filed for the first time unemployment claims last week with the level sitting at the lowest since the beginning of august. that is is good news. and the bad news is that it is stuck this the tight range. we want to see the number keep dropping as opposed to hovering the way it has over the past six weeks. now, what is really giving the market a boost and why you are seeing the dow skyrocket today 227 points is that we are getting some really great signs about the monthly employment picture and payroll processing firm adt says that the jobs processed were better than expected. they also revised the july numbers higher which is a good sign and one day before we get th
get your cell phone bill every month? alison kosik joining us from the sneyock exchange. on, alisw muchf this in the family budget? >> i'm soithoith this just the smart phone itself is expensive. then you get those eye-popping bills every month. one government figure estimates theaverageousehold shelled out more than $1200 on phone services. that also includes we know people are ping ls for land lines, many people don't have them. it'sot hardto figure out whe the increase is comi from. if you want to break it down even mo6 more a year on phone services compared to00 j.d. powers say average person's cell phone bill is about $71 a but if you're a family of four and you all have phones, that total can easily top $200. what's happening here, suzann over the past few years because we're budgeting for our srt phones, we're spending less on dining out, on clothing and tertainmbeusour phones meanverything to us. >> so our phone bills are blg up abe we're saving money on going out and ay seeing peo >> yes.he phone bill? ishere y way to that down a little bit? some of our have a few ideas. t
that there is a mixed picture. i want to bring in alison kosik from new york to talk about this a little bit. alison, talk about the reaction to this question that people are saying are we better off than we were four years ago. >> yes, and when you hear the question, suzanne, a lot of ways to look at it and the real answer really depends upon a lot of individualtors and in the end, it may be how people feel about their own individual situation compared to the last election. so we had producers go out across the country and ask that very question and here are some of the answers they heard. >> reporter: are you making more money now than you were four years ago? >> yes. >> i make about one-third of what i made four years ago. >> no. >> no. >> i'm making less money and the sad part is that i have a master's degree. and a rp corporate job does noty what it did four or five years ago. >> and making the same money and able to save a little bit, but same as before. >> four years ago struggle and today, even more struggle. >> so there you go. a lot of no's suzanne if people are better off today than four
numbers are out and not pretty. alison kosik is here with a couple of tims when you're out there with your economy of one can make ends meet in this tough job market. alison. >> how to find a job and get yourself to stand out, especially after the august jobs report was a big letdown. only 96,000 jobs added to the economy falling short. the unemployment rate fell to 8.1%. that's a sign more people are getting frustrated and leaving the work force and 5 million people have been unexpected for 27 weeks. yes, how can you give yourself an negligent this tough jobs market? jb trade solutions president brad carr says you have to show employers your skills are still sharp. his suggestion is take a class, visit a community college or technical school or take an online class. there are plenty of places to learn for free. the websites are a place to start, brushing up on excel skills or maintaining a certification shows employers you're ready to hit the ground running. another great idea. volunteer. if you want to make a career switch or develop skills, get some on the job training at local nonprofi
're getting into, though, if you decide to use them? alison kosik does and she is here live to give us the pros and cons of pulling out that plastic. >> ashley, these prepaid cards, they can be a risky thing, still they are becoming more and more popular every day. a new report from a few charitable trusts says that in 2009 americans loaded almost $28 billion onto prepaid cards and next year the number is expected to top $200 billion. now, they work a lot like debit kwards, but there is one big problem with them. they come with a lot of fees. athey come with an average of seven to 15 different types of fees. card issuers often rely on deceptive marketing to get your business. when it comes to the fees, there are some you cannot avoid. you can be on the lookout for the more complex fees and these include paper statement fees, live customer service fees, atm fees and replacement card fees. if you do choose to use one of these cards, recommends getting one from a traditional bank. you may use card, bank, and credit to compare cards.
in early trading. alison kosik joins me live from the new york stock exchange. i had a research department pull the ipo price on apple back in 1980. $22 a share. split three times which means $2.75 if you bought it back then. >> incredible, isn't it? it is incredible to see the rise of the share price. trading below that $700 mark. but it did cross that $700 mark. hitting $701. and guess what? here what happe what's driving the shares higher announcement of the iphone 5, pro broke reports on preorders, 2 million put in. the phone hits store shelves friday. it is hard to believe, ashley, six months ago that apple crossed the $600 mark for the first time. you know analysts are saying, wait a minute, caution here, the stock is rising too quickly. it could become overvalued. if you look at it this way, apple stock is trading 16 times its fiscal 2013 estimates and it's not expensive compared to amazon and facebook. they trade at higher multiples than that. it means apple shares still, believe it or not have room to run. >> could go higher. let's talk about something else going higher, our confi
, that's right. topping $700 for the first time ever. let's go to alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. my goodness. another record, you know. yes, huge excitement, is apple at all in danger of rising too fast, ever possibly becoming overvalued? >> analysts say not necessarily, that the stock price is going too high, too fast. many analysts say the upcoming earnings that apple has, that's going to support the momentum that you're seeing despite the fact its share price has been outpacing rnings. its stock isn't all that expensive. shares are actually trading at 16 times its fiscal 2013 earnings estimates. look at amazon and facebook, they trade at much higher multiples than that. you know what that means, the stock has room to run. >> room to run. how high does wall street think it can go? >> here is what is funny. analysts say it is really hard keeping up with the price targets that we put out there because the targets keep on getting hit. look at some of this. hilliard lions is predicting that apple gets up to $700, $775 a share. topeka estimates they will get up to $1,111.
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, as we mentioned a moment ago here, facebook stock taking a plunge today, down 9%. alison kosik covering this one for us today at the new york stock exchange. why the drop? >> this all over an article that appeared, brooke, in the publication in barnz ov"barons"e weekend. facebook shares are sitting at $21.08. this is the running theme for facebook since it went public, way back in may, went public at $38. and has had big issues ever since. there has always been a question is this stock overpriced? the problem is, what barons said in this article over the weekend is that facebook shares should be closer to $15 a share. but the funny thing is some traders are kind of surprised by today's tumble. facebook shares tumbled as much as 10% today. right now they're down -- they recovered a bit, down 7.5%. and these traders say the article really didn't say anything new. nothing already -- nothing too surprising that wall street didn't already know. everybody knows that the issues facing facebook as a company, it has got a lot of criticism about not having a clear growth strategy about how it is
's where we find ourselves in the housing market alison kosik here to explain. >> reporter: home prices, brooke, right back to where they were in 2003. after the price declines we saw during the housing bust, we'll take it. so we learned today that the price of a typical home went up again in july. home values in 20 cities rose more than 1.5%. so we're seeing a trend here because this is the third month in a row that housing prices have gone up. a good thing about these rising home prices, it is falling foreclosures. what happens is as the home values increase, you wind up having more equity in your home, that means fewer borrowers are under water. that's a good thing. brooke? >> i've seen people asking us on twitter, is it the time to buy? is it? >> well, you know, of course it is a personal decision, but, sure, prices are going up. if you were once on the fence about buying, you may want to consider taking the plunge. all the data makes it look like the bottom is holding. look at mortgage rates. the record lows, it is another incentive to buy. last week, the average 30-year fixed hit
big isou nest gg? there are other places to stash your tirement alison kosik has me from the help desk. >> hi there. here on the help desk we're talking about saving for your rerement and with me this hour e liziller and greg mde. liz, this is the question for you. >> other than a 401(k), how else can i save for rerement? >>t just seems luke a good fallback, doesn't it, the 401(k) and most people only invest in 401(, don't they? >> they do. but ifomeone is in a position thateyan put more in their 401(k) lows, t there are options. if a couple makes a bis an $175,000,youcan additionally put money into a roth i.r.a. th will grow tax deferred and be tax free at retirement. and you can always put about $5,000 right now after tax into just a traditional i.r.a., even when you already have a 401(k). >> okay. anything beyond those that she just mentioned? >> i love the i.r.a. and too mapeople think it is aneither/or proposition. you can do the 401(k) and the i.r.a. and evenor h backdoway to get money into that roth i.r.a. soou could have that tax pool of money when yretire. >> great advice. th
, alison kosik, at the new york stock exchange for us. alison, put this in perspective. what's happening here? >> reporter: it's just another sign that the housing market, brooke, is really turning a corner at this point. the national association of realtors says part of the reason is what they're seeing is more buyers are taking advantage of lower prices for houses right now. even though prices have been slowly climbing, they're still pretty cheap because of the big hit we took during the recession. plus the mortgage rates are still near record lows. the current 30-year fixed is just at 3.5%. and guess what? they're expected to go even lower. that's because of the federal reserve's announcement last week that it would buy up $40 billion a month in mortgage backed securities. so that makes buying very attractive. there's also a lot of this pent-up demand that's been accumulating since the recession started. a lot of people have been waiting to get out of their homes and now they feel pretty confident or a little more confident about doing it. brooke. >> here's the question though, not to
numbers and check the facts for you. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange to do that for us. >> hi, carol. rst of all, romney, believe it or not, is right. 46.4% of americans don't pay federal income taxes at all. that's according to the tax policy center. who are these people? mostly low and lower middle income earners and about half don't pay income taxes because they don't make enough money. the other half, they don't pay taxes because they can take advantage of enough tax credits, to bring their tax liability down to nothing. that group mainly consists of senior citizens and lower income families. it's just the way the tax code is designed. romney is also accurate for using a wide umbrella to include any checks that comes from the government. i'm talking about medicaid, food stamps, social security, medicare and unemployment benefits. by that measure, almost half the country lives in a household that received government benefits in 2010. carol, that amounts to more than 148 million americans. >> but when you say that 47% of americans don't pay income taxes, it makes it s
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